As the pre-treatment is an important factor in the Powder Coating process, and can affect the quality of our end product. Complete Barrier Solutions have large 11,000 litre dipping tanks so we can fully submerge our various welded product range.
We use five dipping processes which comprise of;
  • Acid Etch - Cleans & Etches the Aluminium
  • Deionized Water Rinse - Rinse
  • Chromate - Prevents corrosion
  • Deionized Water Rinse - Rinse
  • Final Deionized Water Rinse - Rinse

All our tanks are serviced by our state of the art Deionized Water Treatment Systems which removes all minerals such as; salts, sodium, calcium, iron, copper and chloride. By having such a system installed on our premises at 73 Enterprise Street, Bundaberg we can enhance our final result to give our customers the best finished product available.